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Note: This advice pertains to 3 piece electronic cigarettes only (Such as the Rio), Nebula devices use a two piece design and the following does not apply.

Atomizers are essential to having a great vaping experience and it can be troublesome when they start acting up. A combination of regular use, and fluid drying out inside the atomizer can lead to a device that isn’t performing like you remembered. It’s an easy part to replace, and a new atomizer should get you back and going no problem.

Atomizers are subjected to a torturous regimen of heating and cooling, and sometimes the do fail given the circumstances. We always do recommend having a few extra parts around and in the scheme of things we hope you find that the benefits of using VaporNine will greatly exceed the trouble you will encounter on the rare occasion.

If you’d like to extend the life of your atomizer (and who doesn’t!), here are some things you can try:

The first and most important tip from our experience is to not allow it to overheat by using it for extended periods of time without rest, instead, take shorter puffs and allow a bit of time between long drags.
If your atomizer gets very clogged up, produces bad vapor, and it seems like you’re working much too hard to get a decent drag off of your VaporNine electronic cigarette device, you might try boiling it. We don’t recommend this except as a last resort. It sounds extreme, and a bit crazy, but a good boil might be just what the doctor ordered for your troubled atomizer. Simply boil a pot of water and drop in your atomizer for a couple minutes. This should loosen any residue that may have formed inside the device. After several minutes, carefully remove the boiling water and using tongs or another safe method, get your new and improved atomizer out of its hot tub. Be careful not to touch the atomizer as it will be very hot. Let it cool down for a while, then place it upright to drain for several hours. Your atomizer should be revived and working much better now! Congratulations! If this has failed to improve the functioning as expected, we recommend replacing with a new one.

If the atomizer is not getting hot at all, try another battery. If it works with the other battery, you can rest assured that there is a bad connection between the atomizer and the one that’s not working. If it doesn’t get hot on either battery, then you might inspect the metal contact points where the atomizer screws to the battery. Sometimes there is something keeping it from good contact, so make sure the contact surface is nice and clean.

If you’re getting good contact, and have tried on a couple batteries, and your atomizer is not warming up, buy a replacement or if within the return period send it back for a replacement.

How does it work?

It is powered by modern microelectronic technology including a small rechargeable battery and a replaceable cartridge containing water, propylene glycol, nicotine, a scent that emulates a tobacco flavor and a membrane to suspend the ingredients.

When the user draws on the cartridge-end of the device, a sensor trips the microchip in the battery and activates a heating element within the atomizer chamber. The atomizer volatilizes the liquid into a smoke-like vapor. The user can inhale this like smoke from a traditional cigarette, but without anything actually burning. Since there is nothing burning, and no plant material, it is free of the tar found in tobacco smoke, creates no second hand smoke, and contains no carcinogens.

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