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The Safe Cig Products Line


The Safe Cig products include a variety of starter kits to suit everyone’s needs.


The Safe Cig Starter Kits

The Safe Cig basic kit consists of one of each Battery, USB Charger, Wall Adapter, and a 5 pack of Refill Cartridges. Then there is The Safe Cig Pro Starter Kit which is the same as the basic except with 2 Batteries. There is also The Safe Cig Deluxe Starter Kit designed for heavy smokers or couples. It consists of 3 – Batteries, 2 – USB Chargers, 1 – Wall Adapter, 1 – Car Charger, 1 – Safe Case, 2 – 5 packs of Refill Cartridges. Refill Cartridges come in three flavors to choose from Classic Tobacco, Traditional & Menthol.

They also carry Accessories such as The Safe Case. The Safe Case is a sturdy hard shell structured electronic cigarette case used for protecting your Safe Cig. Comes in Pink, white, blue, Black, or Egyptian. They carry Batteries ( Available in Black or White) and Atomizers.


Other products include:

  •  Electronic Cigarette Wall Charger – The USB Electronic Cigarette Charger includes two components – the wall outlet plug and the USB eCig Charger.
  • Electronic Cigarette Car Charger – This is a universal electronic cigarette car charger that will work with all domestic and foreign vehicles.
  • USB Charger Cord – Avoid having e-Cigarettes with dead batteries by charging them at your desk with our USB Charger Cord.
  • Euro Wall Charger – The Euro Wall Charger is a 100% compatible electronic cigarette charger for both the White Electronic Cigarette Battery and the Black Electronic Cigarette Battery.

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