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Vape Batteries: What is mAh?

Quite often I get the question “What does mAh stand for?” so I thought I’d make a post to help demystify this abbreviation. mAh means milliAmp hours. A milliAmp is 1/1000th of an Amp, so 1000 mAh is the ability of the battery to deliver 1000 milliAmps for one hour or you could say 1-Amp hour. 2200mAh means the ability to deliver 2.2 Amps for an hour. Of course the higher the number, the more current the battery can deliver and the longer it will last before it runs down. So, what does this mean for your vaporizer? Simply put, more milliAmp hours means the ability to deliver more power for longer. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

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