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Variable voltage vaporizer battery

he variable voltage vaporizer battery can sound like a confusing concept to some however it’s really quite a simple idea.  The purpose of the variable voltage battery is to give the user the option to customize their vaping power.  A lower voltage (3.7v) will result in a smaller throat hit while a higher voltage (4.8v) will result in a larger one.

There are several brands and styles of batteries with the variable voltage function and two of the most popular ones are the eGo-C Twist and the Vision Spinner.  Both utilize a movable knob on the bottom of the battery that allow the user to dial-in the desired voltage. They’re a standard 510 thread and fit most any 510 thread cartomizer tanks.  Both the eGo and Vision batteries come in several different colors which give you the option to fully customize your vape and your style.

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