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Why Choose E-Cigs?


Ok, it’s time to spill the truth on digital cigarettes, aka “e-cigarettes”. Every week I’m getting increasingly emails about these type of cigarettes, so let me clear up everyone’s questions as soon as and for all.


In a nutshell, e-cigarettes aren’t a viable resolution to stop smoking. The rationale for this is because as an alternative to common cigarettes, they merely substitute one harmful vice for an additional dangerous vice.


In response to an article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the largest concern by the WHO is that there was no proof offered to again up claims that e-cigarettes do assist individuals to stop smoking.


Some of my concerns about e-cigarettes are:

  • They’re manufactured and marketed in a very different manner than conventional smoking remedies such as nicotine patches or gum alternatives.
  • Marketed to an extra ‘cool’ demographic.
  • Provided in flavors reminiscent of chocolate, strawberry and even coffee. This carries the danger of luring in non-people who smoke and youngsters who purchase e-cigarettes for his or her flavor.
  • In Hong Kong, possession of an unregulated pharmaceutical gadget equivalent to an e-cigarette is topic to a two-12 months jail sentence in addition to a $a hundred,000 HK fine.
  • E-cigarettes have been refused approval by the FDA several instances, mainly as a result of they’re thought-about to be a dangerous technique to quit smoking as a result of liquids used and false hope it offers to consumers.



One of the testers experienced “a small amount of liquid leaked from the air vent holes in the aspect of the cigarette.”

It’s unknown if the liquid is poisonous when exposed outdoors of the system, however, this could forestall it from being authorized by the FDA merely as a security consideration and one thing that will be addressed immediately earlier than any additional testing will be done.

An enormous concern is that as an electronic substitute, having one thing that is depending on battery power for continued therapy that has no examined usage patterns could current problems for people who find themselves heavy smokers, as a result of when the e-cigarette runs out of battery power, it becomes useless.

You don’t see the same form of issues with pure therapies comparable to natural blends, vitamins, hypnosis or my Core Want program.

Nicotine continues to be a drug, regardless of what the makers of those e-cigarettes would have you believe.

They’ve even been banned in Australia due to issues that they would merely lengthen nicotine addiction, in addition to safety fears about how they function.



The fluid used in many e-cigarettes, commonly called “Ejuice” include the following substances:

Propylene Glycol, which can trigger gastrointestinal irritation.
Nicotine, the fundamental substance discovered in lots of cigarettes.
Tobacco essence, which does nothing to maintain folks from continuing their smoking habit.
Tetramethylpyrazine, which has been proven in lab tests to trigger brain damage from extended exposure.

There are lots of other substances, some of which may very well be used as accelerants if exposed properly should certainly one of these e-cigarettes break whilst charging. That plus using a chargeable battery for a method of smoking cessation is simply not a great way to get individuals to quit smoking.




Many producers declare that e-cigarettes are similar in design to the widely obtainable Nicotrol Inhaler. Whereas this can be true, medical doctors prescribe Nicotrol Inhalers to sufferers who want to give up smoking as a medically supported alternative.

Simply take a look at the next points. It’s possible you’ll now want to suppose twice before using an e-cigarette.

E-cigarettes haven’t been approved by the FDA to be used as a tobacco/nicotine substitute.
E-cigarette producers and promoters don’t provide any documented proof in closed testing by the FDA that they work as a viable type of tobacco cessation.
There’s no breakdown of exactly how the units are supposed to help people give up smoking.

Another drawback with e-cigarettes is that their use may actually violate many states’ non-smoking laws.

Whilst producers of e-cigarettes claim that they release an innocent, non-toxic odor, the mere indisputable fact that they even look like cigarettes and emit toxic substances like a cigarette should be sufficient of a deterrent for potential consumers.

Case closed. Now you make up your mind if you wish to dabble with e-cigarettes.

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