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Tips to successfully make your own e-liquid

Vaping has grown in popularity and has been touted as a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Many vaping brands produce vape pens and e-liquids. E-liquids come in different sizes and flavors. Vapers can choose the kind of e-juice flavor they want to vape. Anyone who vapes or has tried . . . Read more

7 Common Myths Surrounding Electric Cigarettes

New study suggests that nicotine-containing e-cigarettes could help prevent weight gain, a major concern amongst those hoping to quit smoking –THE GURDIAN   There are at least 5 popular approaches used to stop smoking. With the newest technique being the possible exception, none of the other four have been very . . . Read more

Basic Types of Vaporizers and Ecigs

Vapes, E-cigs, E-Liquid, Dry Herb, Wax Concentrates… It’s all a bit confusing to some so let’s break it down into some easy to understand categories so you can make an educated decision when buying your first vaporizer. Most vaporizers are grouped into 3 types: E-Liquid Vaporizers, Dry Herb Vaporizers and . . . Read more