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Variable voltage vaporizer battery

he variable voltage vaporizer battery can sound like a confusing concept to some however it’s really quite a simple idea.  The purpose of the variable voltage battery is to give the user the option to customize their vaping power.  A lower voltage (3.7v) will result in a smaller throat hit while . . . Read more

Vape Batteries: What is mAh?

Quite often I get the question “What does mAh stand for?” so I thought I’d make a post to help demystify this abbreviation. mAh means milliAmp hours. A milliAmp is 1/1000th of an Amp, so 1000 mAh is the ability of the battery to deliver 1000 milliAmps for one hour . . . Read more

Helping You to Stop Smoking

Give Yourself a Chance for Life Every 5.8 seconds, a premature death occurs from a smoking-related disease…if you don’t want it to be yours, read the facts and figures and help yourself stop smoking NOW – or it may be too late. If you think smoking – related deaths are . . . Read more

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

In early April of 2009 the House of Representatives approved a bill, (which the Senate will consider later in the year), that authorizes the Food and Drug Administration to regulate tobacco products including electric cigarettes. The FDA, under pressure from anti-smoking groups, began to hold some shipments of electronic cigarette . . . Read more


Health Risks According to the American Cancer Society, tobacco is the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the US. In addition, smoking accounts for $167 billion, or $7 per pack, in health care expenses and productivity losses.


Vaping means smoking an electronic cigarette; the eco-friendly smoking solution. The term is quite new, in fact, Urban Dictionary defines Vape as -To inhale vapor from E-cigarettes….there’s no smoke, only vapor. ex: “I’m able to vape in a movie theater”. Electronic cigarettes (also knows as e-cigarettes and e-cigs) produce water . . . Read more

What is nicotine?

A Natural Substance Nicotine is a natural substance known as an alkaloid (a chemical compound containing nitrogen atoms). “Alkaloid” derives from the word “alkaline,” which describes any nitrogen-containing base. Alkaloids are produced by plants, animals and other organisms.